Editors Weekly

Editors Weekly is a literary magazine that provides insights into the world of publishing and literature. Our goal is to find hidden gems within the small press community, and we review published works from an editing and publishing perspective. Our contributors are made up of professionals in the field of publishing who are passionate about well crafted literature. Our reviews cover various aspects of any given work, from the presentation to the content of any given book, which includes pacing, editing, and overall style.

We provide publicly available reviews for all our assessments, and also recommend standout works where earned.

We have a penchant for unknown gems, and are always looking for independent works that stand out from the crowd. Authors may submit any published work at any time, absolutely free. If their work is chosen for assessment, our editors will purchase the book themselves and provide a published review on Editors Weekly and multiple other platforms, including Amazon and Goodreads.

Our History

We are made of up editors, authors, and publishers that have historically contributed to different online and print publications over the years. We wanted to offer a publication with a focus on reviews for independent authors and be able to provide feedback and advice to allow passionate creators to realize their goals in literature. Accordingly, we keep all our contributors under the umbrella of Editors Weekly to ensure there is homogeneous quality control behind every review that goes through our central editing team. Although relatively new, our publication has grown tremendously in the short time it has been out, and continues to do so thanks to our passionate readers and authors.

For Readers

Readers can browse Editors Weekly for past publications, reviews, and can subscribe to our coveted newsletter which periodically recommends specifically curated standout works.

For Authors

Authors can submit their work for assessment for free and can also become EDW Authors for priority reviews, editorial feedback on their work, and more.