EDW Authors

Reviews & Promotion

The EDW Author program was initially created by Editors Weekly to allow us to provide authors feedback on their submissions. Due to the sheer volume of submissions we receive, it is impossible for us to personalize feedback, and as editors ourselves, we always want to help authors tweak their work so that they can present their books in the best way possible. The EDW Author program allows us to do that by prioritizing members within our review queue, and also allows us to provide feedback to them on their submitted work.

Program Features

Individuals can become EDW Authors by creating an author account and upgrading their account to become an EDW Author. The fee for this is $150/year. Memberships are non-refundable, and can be cancelled at any time. Accounts can be upgraded at any time, and submissions are automatically put to the top of the queue once this is done, even if submitted prior to the upgrade.

Click here to upgrade your account.

Note that reviewers on Editor’s Weekly are not compensated for reviews, and do so on a voluntary basis. All funding for the EDW Author program goes towards operating costs and author support.