Coyote tells the tale of Raven, a shape-shifting member of a group of human coyotes. These tribes live much as wild canines do, operating by scent, recognizing their own, and reside in small compounds along the outskirts of human cities. Raven’s boyfriend, Jonathan, returns to her after some time away, and she discovers that something is not quite right with him, extending beyond the animalistic urges that permeate within all of them due to their co-existing animal selves. His unhinged behavior eventually culminates into violence, and she finds herself isolated, unsure of whom to trust, whether human or coyote.

Laced with subtle eroticism, Coyote is a fun novel that follows Raven’s observations and experiences as she tries to navigate both her pack and her own emotions relating to them. It is a light read that keeps us engaged through small, campy subplots, and the different men that Raven encounters satisfy different aspects of both her and the reader’s exploration of her sexual desires. Noticeably well done is the clear separation between characters, with Raven, and the different men she encounters, being distinctly different, not just in what they say or do, but the energy they exude.

Overall, a great, easy read for anyone looking for a small adventure riddled with a natural sensuality.

Coyote | Rating: 5 Stars | Genre: Fantasy / Mystery / Thriller / Romance | Tags: Shapeshifter, Coyote, Thriller | Author: Ashley Brandt | Publisher: Blossom Spring Publishing | Pages: 183 | ISBN: 978-1-7391561-6-9 | Purchase
Author: Ashley Brandt
Ashley Brandt is a Paramedic and author. She has six published titles and enjoys reading as much as she does writing! An animal lover, Ashley fosters kittens for the animal shelter and spend as much time in bookstores as she can!