Fire Horse

Pat Olney’s debut novel, Fire Horse, dives deep into love, loss, and redemption. It’s a character-focused story that jumps between present and past, painting a vivid backdrop for this emotional tale. The novel deals with the devastating loss of a child and how parents Don and Julia handle their grief in different ways, highlighting the painful rift between them.

Fire Horse is an impressive first novel that really pulls at your heartstrings. The writing is strong, tackling tough subjects head-on, making it a compelling read. Even though it’s filled with sorrow, it also beautifully explores the resilience of the human spirit. The shifts in perspective and smooth transitions between timelines add a cinematic feel, helping you see the characters’ journeys more vividly.

This moving story respectfully and eloquently explores grief, with touching and heartbreaking interactions. The characters are relatable, creating a sense of familiarity with people we’ve known and lost. The ending stands out for its beauty and emotional impact, showcasing Olney’s talent.

However, some may find the narrative structure a bit tricky. The constant shifts in time and perspective may make it hard for some to stay fully engaged, and at times, the level of detail can feel a bit too much. Despite this, the book’s cinematic quality is a major plus, possessing strong potential to be a great movie.

All in all, Fire Horse is a compelling and beautifully written novel that deals with loss, grief, and acceptance in a respectful and deep way, even if its narrative style might not hook everyone.

Fire Horse | Rating: 5 Stars | Genre: Drama / Young Adult | Tags: Love, Loss, Redemption | Author: Pat Olney | Publisher: Karome Publishing | Pages: 405 | ISBN: 9798990549517 | Purchase
Author: Pat Olney
Pat Olney is a former executive with three decades of global business experience. He enjoys reading, cycling, traveling, and creative writing. He currently splits his time between Florida, Michigan, and Ontario, doing almost anything to escape the snow.

Pat began writing his debut novel, 'Fire Horse', while spending time at his cottage in Ontario. The story had been sitting in his mind for years, and finally, during the early hours, he was motivated to write it down. He did this for thirty days straight, much to the chagrin of his beloved wife, Shirley. For the sake of his marriage, he now writes during daylight hours (mostly) and is currently working on his next novel, 'Baltic Avenue'.