Green Hills and Daffodils

Green Hills and Daffodils follows the effervescent Jane as she finds herself in a new town, surrounded by quirky characters that both introduce her to the local culture, and allow her seemingly gentle but ultimately confident optimism to shine through. She is clumsy, but does not seem to mind, taking things not so seriously. One of her favorite people, the undeniably lovable Stewart, is trying to discover himself, and Jane helps nudge him along the way.

It is evident that Kendrick loves the characters – not just Jane and Stewart, but all of them. There is a realness to their personalities, and everything they say and do is just as telling as the subtle silences in between. Although the novel initially focuses on Jane, it seamlessly jumps between the differing characters, and Stewart often becomes a co-protagonist in sections, which feels natural.

An exploration of inner suppression, the fear of being oneself, and the powers that are unleashed when one learns to accept oneself, Kendrick’s novel goes beyond the scope of LGBTQ issues, illustrating how anyone, with the right support, can learn to love even the most hidden parts of themselves.

Green Hills and Daffodils | Rating: 5 Stars | Genre: Drama | Tags: Neurodiversity, LGBTQ, Fantasy | Author: Celyn Kendrick | Publisher: KDP | Pages: 425 | ISBN: 979-8842887385 | Purchase
Author: Celyn Kendrick
Celyn Kendrick lives with a very non-judgemental Australian Shepherd, a slightly more judgemental English Shepherd, a hoarder of toy robots, occasional housemates, and their emotional support tubas.