Guardian Angels Battle for Human Souls

“Guardian Angels Battle for Human Souls” presents a captivating narrative that skillfully weaves together themes of faith, spirituality, and thrilling adventure. Through the perspectives of celestial entities Briathos and Leuviah, readers are immersed in the tumultuous life of Lyle, a man whose journey is fraught with danger and divine intervention. The storyline explores Lyle’s experiences in depth, ranging from his naval exploits to his encounters with malevolent forces intent on his downfall.

From the outset, the book captivates readers with anticipation as they eagerly follow Lyle’s actions and the interventions of his celestial guardians. Render’s expert storytelling keeps readers engaged, reluctant to set the book aside. The exploration of guardian angels and their impact on human destinies prompts contemplation of divine intervention in one’s own life, particularly resonating with those with military backgrounds.

Although encountering certain formatting issues, like the scarcity of paragraph breaks, and subtle theological complexities, which might pose a challenge for certain readers, the narrative brims with action and spiritual depth, enhancing the overall reading experience. The characters are intricately developed, and the inclusion of a glossary aids in navigating the complexities of angelic hierarchy and terminology.

“Guardian Angels Battle for Human Souls” offers a fresh perspective on the unseen struggles between good and evil. Despite its fictional nature, the book encourages deep reflection on the existence of guardian angels and the transformative influence of divine grace in overcoming life’s challenges. Ultimately, it delivers a gripping and thought-provoking journey that leaves readers eagerly anticipating future pieces of work.

Guardian Angels Battle for Human Souls | Rating: 3 Stars | Genre: Action / Adventure / Fantasy | Tags: #angels, #demons, #heaven | Author: Douglas Render | Publisher: Xulon | Pages: 160 | ISBN: 978-1662861604 | Purchase
Author: Douglas Render
Douglas Render was raised in Waterford, Michigan, and is the second-born of eight children. After graduating high school, he enlisted in the U. S. Navy and served for 20 years until August 12th, 1994. Render also obtained his degree from Old Dominion University in 1986.

As a devoted parent to four daughters and one son, Render draws creative inspiration from his extensive global travels, where he encountered instances of survival amidst daunting circumstances, often perceived as miraculous. Reflecting on the possibility of these occurrences being orchestrated by Guardian Angels providing divine protection, Render felt compelled to write his first book, "Guardian Angels Battle for Human Souls."