Moonsleep and Other Stories

This collection of short stories by Liz Tuckwell presents the reader with a large number of different characters, settings, and tone, all somehow surrounding the eerie or mysterious. There is so much variety in the way the stories are presented (some are present tense, some are past, some are first person, some are third) that each stands on its own, clearly distinct from the next.

Although there is an abundance of conversation and characterization, at some points the contemporary language does feel out of place within a different setting, and this does, unfortunately, serve to remind the reader that they are in fact reading a story, instead of remaining immersed within it. The language, like the stories themselves, vary, and it feels as though they were written at different times by Tuckwell, as in some cases the language is more basic, with short sentences, while others have a more mature flow to them, offering the reader a stylized dance within the prose.

There is a lot of potential in these stories, and one can’t help but feel that with a bit more fleshing out or organization, many of them would be more complete or “whole”; many feel akin to trailers, and although to some extent leaving the reader wanting more is an effective tactic, that only works well when there is already lots to chew on.

An enjoyable collection that does not have to be read through in one go, this will appeal to anyone who enjoys a bit of the eerie and spooky.

Moonsleep and Other Stories | Rating: 4 Stars | Genre: Horror / Mystery / Thriller | Tags: Urban fantasy, dark fantasy, fantasy horror | Author: Liz Tuckwell | Publisher: 6th Element | Pages: 173 | ISBN: 978-1-914333-05-7 | Purchase
Author: Liz Tuckwell
Liz Tuckwell resides in London, sharing her home with a husband and an abundance of books. She takes pleasure in delving into and creating diverse genres, including fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Actively engaged in the literary community, Liz is a member of both the Clockhouse London Writers group and the British Fantasy Society.

Her written works have found a place in numerous anthologies, including the Harvey Duckman Presents series, the Short! Sharp! Shocks! Horror series, and various websites.