Thanksgiving in Welcombe Bay

Eric Wilcox, grappling with the aftermath of a DUI incident, finds himself burdened by guilt and the looming specter of legal consequences. Despite some questionable decisions, the judge surprisingly opts for probation and community service, offering Eric an unexpected chance at redemption. Reluctantly attending AA meetings with the support of a sponsor, Eric’s journey takes an unexpected turn when he discovers Welcombe Bay.

A seemingly serendipitous visit to Lily’s café forms the backdrop for a story of second chances, though some might find it a bit contrived and lacking in conviction. The dual narrative unfolds with an attempt at cohesion, but it may not resonate as seamlessly as anticipated. The love story between Eric, burdened by guilt, and Lily, a survivor of abuse, does not delve as deeply as some readers would hope.

While the characters are portrayed with detail, they may come across as somewhat one-dimensional, missing the mark in terms of inspiration. Eric’s tumultuous past and his pursuit of a better life leaves room for skepticism regarding his path to redemption. Lily’s portrayal as an abuse survivor, while an important theme, fails to evoke genuine empathy.

The supportive circle of friends surrounding the main characters, although present, lacks authenticity. Despite this, Darroch does create a picturesque English setting with the vivid descriptions that transport readers to the sea and immerse them in Lily’s world.

Although descriptive and set in a convincing English setting, the narrative unfolds in an unconvincing manner that some readers may find difficult to engage in.

Thanksgiving in Welcombe Bay | Rating: 2 Stars | Genre: Romance | Tags: christian, forgiveness, recovery | Author: Kate Darroch | Publisher: Ad Astra Press | Pages: 277 | ISBN: 978-1-944690-28-1 | Purchase
Author: Kate Darroch
Kate, residing on the scenic Devon Coastline, combines her lifelong passion for Cozy Sleuths with her love of writing and international experiences to create Travel Cozies. The friendly ambiance of Devon, reminiscent of her childhood in Glasgow, inspires the character Màiri. Màiri, a Scots Irish teacher, is rooted in the Glasgow of the 1970s, a period dear to Kate. Emphasizing accessibility, Kate ensures her works are published in various formats, including Large Print and Dyslexia Friendly editions, underscoring her commitment to a diverse readership.