Running with Hounds…and an English Degree

Running with Hounds is a light-hearted, fun romp through the life of Denise, an average woman who, just out of college, finds herself a dog caretaker of sorts despite vying for a more established career. This involves job interviews littered throughout, as well as the drama within both friendships and a cheeky love triangle.

Surprisingly, Roberts has done a good job of making seemingly mundane portions of the novel quite entertaining and humorous. The job interviews and dates, and all the interactions that surround them, have clearly had a lot of creativity put into them, ensuring the reader is entertained even though the underlying impact of some of the scenes may be somewhat irrelevant. This, coupled with moments of genuine tenderness, make for an entertaining and engaging read that doesn’t tax the reader with too much emotional weight, but rather, a gentle adventure that is the life of Denise.

It is refreshing that all the characters seem genuinely three dimensional, as there is no defined “villain” within the novel; everyone has their own motivations, and Roberts seems to utilize the same creativity she imparts on interactions to ensure no one character follows a typical projection, and is presented with a humility towards their own humanity.

A fun, captivating read, edited with precision and finesse, starring a lovable protagonist who is just trying to find her place in the world.

Running with Hounds…and an English Degree | Rating: 5 Stars | Genre: Comedy / Romance | Tags: romcom, college grad, love triangle | Author: D.M. Roberts | Publisher: self-published | Pages: 253 | ISBN: 9798424359859 | Purchase
Author: D.M. Roberts
D.M. Roberts is a full-time copy editor and weekend writer who self-published her first novel, Letting Go and Holding On in 2011. Her second novel, Running with Hounds…and an English Degree, was released this past April. Originally from Adams, MA, Roberts worked as a reporter and columnist for her hometown newspaper before moving to Worcester to be a copy editor for Gatehouse Media. When the company announced their plans to move, her boyfriend landed a position at Chapman University in Orange, CA, starting two weeks after her last day. So she set out on a six-day cross-country road trip to reach their SoCal home. There, she works on whatever ideas pop into her head, no matter the genre.