The Eternal’s Chosen

In “The Eternal’s Chosen”, the narrative thrusts readers into a world rich with the promise of profound themes and gritty realities. The story depicts scenes of intense violence and passionate love, providing an authentic experience within its setting. Marcus, a battle-weary warrior grappling with PTSD, is pushed back into action when his village faces siege, accompanied by Elara and Isabella on a journey fraught with complexity.

Throughout their journey, the characters navigate morally ambiguous terrain, often making ethically questionable decisions while displaying vulnerability. Coupled with layers of fantastical elements, the narrative flows through, filled with relationships and detailed battle sequences.

The novel struggles with an overabundance of mature content, however, disrupting the organic development of characters and narrative flow. Excessive detail and prolonged focus on mundane activities detract from reader engagement, somewhat overshadowing the potential intrigue of the plot. Despite the promise of an enthralling storyline, the prospect of encountering further explicit content may deter some readers from future installments.

Nevertheless, “The Eternal’s Chosen” is a great example of dark fantasy, and will appeal to readers familiar with the genre.

The Eternal’s Chosen | Rating: 4 Stars | Genre: Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Horror | Tags: Dark Fantasy, Grimdark, Elves | Author: P. J. Ashton | Publisher: Chopper Publishing | Pages: 504 | ISBN: 979-8865119128 | Purchase
Author: P. J. Ashton
P. J. Ashton is a pseudonym chosen by the author. They harbor a deep affection for fantasy literature, particularly the darker realms of the genre. Among their cherished reads are titles such as 'Lord of the Rings', 'Malazan', and Neverwhere'.

Originally from London, they have traversed multiple countries, including Australia, Russia, and Germany, before settling in Thailand.

As a debut author, they eagerly anticipate readers' enjoyment of "The Eternal's Chosen" and the unfolding escapades of Marcus, Elara, and Isabella.