Unlocking Fire

“Unlocking Fire” is a novella offering a unique reimagining of the Bluebeard tale, blending elements of fantasy and romance to immerse readers in a world brimming with mystery and charm. While the characters are intricately developed and evoke profound emotions, the story’s brevity limits the opportunity to delve deeper. Despite occasional shortcomings, the captivating world-building keeps readers engaged, albeit with occasional moments of uncertainty.

The evolving relationship between the resilient female protagonist (Ansa) and her male counterpart (Alexei) provides a fresh perspective on traditional romance, delicately balancing between immediate connection and gradual development. Despite its concise length, the author skillfully integrates significant character growth, drawing readers into the intricate emotional journey.

While the conclusion neatly ties up loose ends, it also hints at further narrative possibilities to be explored in the eagerly anticipated sequel. Despite some grammatical errors, the engaging writing style sustains anticipation for future developments. Ultimately, while some readers may yearn for deeper immersion into the story’s world and characters, the novella assures an enchanting experience for enthusiasts of fairy tale retellings and fantasy romance.

Unlocking Fire | Rating: 3 Stars | Genre: Fantasy / Romance | Tags: Fairy tale retelling, novella, fantasy romance | Author: Liv Strom | Publisher: SM Press | Pages: 128 | ISBN: 9783907446072 | Purchase
Author: Liv Strom
Liv Strom, a Swiss-Swedish author, is celebrated for her skillful crafting of narratives that often explore fantastical realms, featuring resilient female protagonists, mythology, and, as some readers would affirm, a touch of humor. Beyond her role as a wordsmith, she directs her energy towards the reorganization of both objects and companies, all while savoring copious amounts of tea and displaying a voracious appetite for literature spanning diverse genres.

Her literary works have found a home in prestigious publications like Dragon Soul Press, Mystery Weekly, and The Gingerbread House Magazine, underscoring her versatility and narrative finesse. Liv Strom's writing acumen was further acknowledged when she emerged victorious in NYC Midnight's 250 Micro Fiction Competition in 2021, adding yet another milestone to her impressive literary journey.