Vanishing Act

“Vanishing Act” unfolds as an energetic and inspiring narrative, following the journey of Angie, a courageous octogenarian confined within the ironically named assisted living facility, Peaceful Havens. Driven by an unwavering determination to reclaim independence and infuse vitality into her life, Angie collaborates with her empathetic friend Ben to orchestrate a daring escape. This uplifting novel goes beyond a mere retelling of Angie’s physical disappearance, delving into the unraveling of the metaphorical vanishing act that shapes her identity, forged over decades of selfless dedication to her family.

The narrative navigates a terrain of humor, sorrow, and tension as Angie’s family grapples to comprehend her needs, resulting in strained relationships. Embarking on a cross-country train journey, Angie undergoes a revitalization, shedding the constraints of her senior care facility and embarking on a voyage of self-discovery. The tale intricately weaves a delightful and thought-provoking narrative, challenging societal norms surrounding elder care and prompting readers to contemplate the significance of empathy and communication within familial dynamics.

“Vanishing Act” transcends Angie’s physical expedition; it serves as a contemplation on the value of individuality and the pursuit of dreams irrespective of age. Seamlessly blending lighthearted humor with a profound exploration of the challenges faced by the elderly in a system that often neglects their autonomy, the novel portrays Angie’s quest for love and joy in her newfound freedom. The narrative stands as a testament to the belief that every individual, regardless of age, determines the course of their own destiny. This captivating debut novel is an essential read for those seeking a fusion of humor, optimism, and a renewed perspective on the aging process.

Vanishing Act | Rating: 5 Stars | Genre: Action / Adventure / Drama | Tags: Aging, family, self-discovery | Author: Joanne Perella | Publisher: Stillwater River Publications | Pages: 226 | ISBN: 1960505904 | Purchase
Author: Joanne Perella
Born in South Boston, Joanne Perella grew up in Providence Rhode Island in a closeknit Italian family.

After retiring from over forty years of government work, Joanne has spent the past two decades immersed in her passion for antiques as a dedicated enthusiast and appraiser. Writing has been a lifelong pursuit, with Joanne recalling her early engagement with novels as far back as the first grade. Her literary contributions extend to various anthologies, and her work has garnered recognition, including features on NPR.

Her passions include photography, travel, antiques, biking, hiking and of course writing. She now lives on Bullocks Cove in Riverside Rhode Island.