Stealing Glass

“Stealing Glass” by Liv Strom intricately reimagines the Cinderella narrative within a dystopian framework, crafting a tale characterized by deceit, secrets, and lies. Vanya, coerced by her stepfather, assumes the role of a foreign princess, propelling her into a distinctive journey alongside Prince Dimitri that intertwines revenge and political intrigue.

Employing dual perspectives, the narrative unveils the intricate minds of Vanya and Dimitri through innovative twists, blending Cinderella elements within a realm defined by Halloween aesthetics and magical elements. The characters, notably Vanya and Dimitri, navigate the complexities of enemies-to-lovers dynamics amidst a backdrop of mythical elements, skillfully balanced by intense action and well-paced developments.

The exploration of darkness, encapsulated in Vanya’s journey of self-discovery and Dimitri’s relentless pursuit of revenge, unfolds against the backdrop of societal divisions, alluding to the possibility of a revolution. Despite some concerns such as limited dialogue, occasional repetitiveness, some typographical errors, and a suspenseful conclusion, the book’s creative freedom significantly contributes to overall satisfaction. “Stealing Glass” emerges as a sophisticated and enchanting YA romance, offering a promise of increased intrigue in the sequel while encapsulating the essence of a Halloween-inspired fantasy world.

Stealing Glass | Rating: 4 Stars | Genre: Dystopian / Fantasy / Young Adult | Tags: Fairy tale retelling, Dual-Pov, YA | Author: Liv Strom | Publisher: SM Press | Pages: 389 | ISBN: 9783907446034 | Purchase
Author: Liv Strom
Liv Strom, a Swiss-Swedish author, is celebrated for her skillful crafting of narratives that often explore fantastical realms, featuring resilient female protagonists, mythology, and, as some readers would affirm, a touch of humor. Beyond her role as a wordsmith, she directs her energy towards the reorganization of both objects and companies, all while savoring copious amounts of tea and displaying a voracious appetite for literature spanning diverse genres.

Her literary works have found a home in prestigious publications like Dragon Soul Press, Mystery Weekly, and The Gingerbread House Magazine, underscoring her versatility and narrative finesse. Liv Strom's writing acumen was further acknowledged when she emerged victorious in NYC Midnight's 250 Micro Fiction Competition in 2021, adding yet another milestone to her impressive literary journey.