Author: Janet C. Smith
Beyond her ventures in fiction, Smith has dedicated numerous years to conducting captivating interviews and engaging in extensive research for newspaper and magazine features. Her explorations have encompassed a wide array of subjects, ranging from poetry to the intricacies of plough plays (although she readily admits that topiary has never been a focus of her written endeavors!). Additionally, her storytelling prowess has been showcased on the airwaves through various radio broadcasts.

Janet C. Smith's latest literary offering, ‘Gritta and the Witches of Olavland,’ represents the second edition of her debut children's novel, originally titled ‘Krog the Prince Frog’. With genuine optimism, she hopes that readers will derive as much joy from exploring its pages as she experienced in its creation, whether through digital means or traditional print. Currently, she is deeply engrossed in crafting her forthcoming children's book, ‘George the Good,’ already delving ten thousand words deep into its narrative.