Gritta and the Witches of Olavland

Gritta and the Witches of Olavland is a fun story starring Krog the frog prince and Gritta the witch. It follows his adventures, and those of King Olav, as he tries to take his place back as the prince of Olavland, and eschew his frog-like tendencies.

Written well, with lots of fun, campy third-wall breaks, this is a fun story for children. It presents gently, and takes a lot of care to tell the tale in a way children can absorb, but still does so with class.

The story could use with a heavy dose of copy-editing as there are many grammatical errors along with some typos – as children will be reading this, it is even more crucial to copy-edit it carefully.

With another round of polishing, highly recommended as a fun, gentle adventure for children.

Gritta and the Witches of Olavland | Rating: 4 Stars | Genre: Children / Fantasy | Tags: WITCHES, FROGS, ROYALTY | Author: Janet C. Smith | Publisher: Dragon Claw Books. An imprint of Fiction for All. | Pages: 154 | ISBN: 9 781786 957139 | Purchase
Author: Janet C. Smith
Beyond her ventures in fiction, Smith has dedicated numerous years to conducting captivating interviews and engaging in extensive research for newspaper and magazine features. Her explorations have encompassed a wide array of subjects, ranging from poetry to the intricacies of plough plays (although she readily admits that topiary has never been a focus of her written endeavors!). Additionally, her storytelling prowess has been showcased on the airwaves through various radio broadcasts.

Janet C. Smith's latest literary offering, ‘Gritta and the Witches of Olavland,’ represents the second edition of her debut children's novel, originally titled ‘Krog the Prince Frog’. With genuine optimism, she hopes that readers will derive as much joy from exploring its pages as she experienced in its creation, whether through digital means or traditional print. Currently, she is deeply engrossed in crafting her forthcoming children's book, ‘George the Good,’ already delving ten thousand words deep into its narrative.