Widow’s Flame

In the heart of Galway, Ireland, around 1898, Blair Ryan seeks solace at the bottom of a whiskey glass, haunted by memories of her husband’s brutal murder by American outlaws. Driven by a fervent desire for justice, Blair turns to Colin, an enigmatic American fighter with his own troubled past. Together, they embark on a perilous journey across America, united in their quest for retribution. Amidst the challenges they face, Blair’s determination shines bright, masking the fragility of her fractured psyche. Colin, with his rugged exterior and hidden pain, unexpectedly becomes an ally, sparking a subtle attraction amidst the harsh realities of the Wild West.

In her debut novel, author Jess McFarlane crafts a tale of anguish, vengeance, and redemption that captivates audiences with its raw emotional depth and compelling characters. Blair’s unwavering resolve resonates with readers, who rally behind her in her pursuit of justice, while Colin’s mysterious demeanor adds layers of complexity to their intertwined destinies. Through vivid prose and evocative imagery, McFarlane transports readers to the untamed landscapes of 19th-century America, immersing them in a story of resilience and affection. Despite initial hesitations, readers are drawn into the magnetic chemistry between Blair and Colin, eagerly anticipating their triumph over adversity.

McFarlane’s narrative transcends the boundaries of traditional Western literature, exploring themes of absolution against a backdrop of retribution. As Blair and Colin confront their inner demons, they navigate a treacherous terrain, uncovering the potential for redemption amidst the chaos of their journey. “Widow’s Flame” offers an unforgettable adventure for enthusiasts of the Wild West, filled with passion, sorrow, and the enduring strength of the human spirit.

Widow’s Flame | Rating: 4 Stars | Genre: Action / Adventure / Romance | Tags: Grief, Revenge, Female Lead | Author: Jess McFarlane | Publisher: Shawline Publishing Group | Pages: 328 | ISBN: 9781922850034 | Purchase
Author: Jess McFarlane
Jess McFarlane penned her first novel in a worn notebook at the age of 14 and now calls Awabakal Country home, living with her partner Alec and their German Shepherd, Sam. Outside of her literary endeavors, Jess finds enjoyment in video games, culinary exploration, and advocating for chronic illness awareness on her Instagram and through her podcast projects.